All of the parameters in Equator's Synth Panel above can be modulated by the sources below them, in the Modulation Panel.

  • Click in the empty space of a Modulation Source (e.g., Strike, Press, Glide, LFO, or Envelope) to highlight it.
  • On the parameter you wish to modulate, click and drag in the arc around the dial to adjust the depth of modulation – shown in yellow.
  • Click and drag from the center of a dial to adjust the base value of that parameter – shown in blue.

Changing Parameters

If a Modulation Source is not assigned to any parameters, it will be greyed out. Just click on the panel to start assigning modulation to other parameters.

Equator Modulation Panel demo 01

Modulating an envelope's parameters

Sometimes you will want to modulate a particular function of an envelope – like assigning Strike to Envelope Attack so that gentle strikes result in slower attack times. You can do this using the Dial view.

By default, the envelopes display the Curve view:

Amp env curve view

In the top right corner is a looping square arrow. Clicking it will show you the envelope's parameters as Dials. These can be modulated in the same way as other synth parameters.

Amp env dial view