Poly-Ana is an analog modeling polyphonic synthesizer designed by Admiral Quality. Poly-Ana supports "channel-per-note" mode and so responds to the Seaboard RISE and GRAND's polyphonic 5D Touch.

ROLI Dashboard Settings

Ensure that the MIDI Settings in ROLI Dashboard are set as shown below.

ROLI Dashboard – Falcon Settings

We have selected:

  • Use MPE: On
  • MIDI Channel Start: 2
  • MIDI Channel End: 16
  • Pitch bend range: 48 semitones

What about Glide & Slide tracking, and Press tracking? Those settings aren’t important for setting up the Seaboard with Poly-Ana.

Setting Poly-Ana to Respond to the Seaboard

To set Poly-Ana to respond to the Seaboard's dimensions of touch:

  • Set Poly Mode to "Poly"
  • Set Polyphony to 1
  • Set Pitch Bend Range to match Dashboard's, 48 semitones
  • "Pressure" receives both Channel Pressure and Poly Pressure messages and responds to the Seaboard's Press dimension of touch
  • "In-1" is by default connected to MIDI CC74 and thus responds to the Seaboard's Slide dimension of touch