When using the Max for BLOCKS package, connecting your Blocks via USB is recommended in order to best control the Lightpad's LEDs.

BLOCKS include a free 3-month license for Max 7, Cycling '74's powerful visual environment for interactive audio and video instruments and effects. See this article for information on downloading Max.

To use the Lightpad or Seaboard Block with Max, connect the Block to your computer and launch Max. Since the Lightpad and Seaboard Block transmit multidimensional polyphonic expression (MPE) data, they can be easily integrated into Max patches by selecting the Block as an MIDI input and using mpeparse to receive its data:


The BLOCKS Package for Max and Max for Live

Cycling '74's Max BLOCKS Package allows you to create powerful BLOCKS patches for Max and Max for Live and bring the expressive control of BLOCKS to Ableton Live Suite. The package includes objects that mirror Max user interface elements on the Lightpad Block, receive Blocks' expressive information, and much more. Example patches include BLOCKS FM Drums (an FM drum synthesizer and sequencer), BLOCKS Looper, and BLOCKS Particle (an expressive video effect instrument). You may download the package in Max's Package Manager, or watch this article for an overview of the package. Also, these videos will help you get familiar with using the BLOCKS Package: