NOISE can act as a MIDI-over-Bluetooth interface between the Seaboard and Blocks and your other iOS synths, allowing you to play other apps wirelessly even if they don't natively support MIDI over Bluetooth.

For example

Moog's fantastic app Animoog can receive MIDI from a controller which is physically connected, but it doesn't currently connect by MIDI over Bluetooth. When the Seaboard RISE is connected by MIDI-over-Bluetooth in NOISE, it will become available as an input in Animoog as if it was physically connected.


  1. Open NOISE on your iOS device
  2. Connect your Seaboard RISE (or other MIDI over Bluetooth controller) in NOISE.
  3. Close NOISE and open your other synth app.
  4. Look in the inputs section of the new app, and your Blocks, Seaboard, or other MIDI over Bluetooth instrument will now appear as a normal MIDI input.
  5. Enjoy!