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Only 1 block will work ?

Hi , This might be a stupid question but ....... When connection Lightpad block m (wired connection) everything works fine in studio player . However if I then attach my seaboard block to the side of my Lightpad , the seaboard does not function ? However if I then plug the usb c into the seaboard block , the seaboard will control ROLI Studio Player fine but then my Lightpad block m just does the (blue wave ) waiting to connect ? Can you only use one block at a time with studio player ? Thanks Jamie

Hi Jamie, have you ensured that the "Hardware Control" option at the top of the ROLI Studio Player window is enabled? Clicking the small power button icon will then display the connected devices that ROLI Studio Player can see.

If this is not the case, please let us know and we can investigate further.

Hi , thanks for the reply , yes I’ve checked that however , it only show 1 device (whatever the USB-C is plugged into ) the other device won’t show ?

Hi Jamie, thanks for the update. Can you confirm if all connected devices are displayed correctly in ROLI Dashboard?

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