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Make Roli Player a VST host

 Hi Roli,

In the same way than Expressive E allow everyone to load other VSTs into Lié (the software merging MIDI data from Touché and others instruments), it would be great if Roli Player could host other VST notably those MPE compatible such as UVI Falcon, Omnisphere, Diva etc...

In one place we can have everything. And we can also use the tools available inside Roli Player for other softwares!

Eventually, I though about the new LUMI. Could be great to use Roli player as a input for setting up colored keys for keyswitches even for third-party softwares...



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Thanks for these suggestions Simon, it's certainly something that would help to make ROLI Studio Player even more flexible. We'll see what's possible in future updates to ROLI Studio Player.

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