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How do I download and install this application? I installed Roli connect but no application to install as in demo video. I think there's still something missing to install these!

Hi Spiridon, do you mean that ROLI Studio Player doesn't appear in the 'Apps' page of ROLI Connect?

If you continue to have issues please contact ROLI support -

Dear Sir, the situation has resolved after the computer restarts. Windows, updates etc. For now it's fine. Thank you for all!

Hi, I  when I want to install Roli Studio Player Beta from Rolli connect on Win 10, it says "unable to start ROLI hardware driver".  Is there any other way how to install the App? Or any other solution?It worked for me few weeks but then was unable to open the app again, so I clicked uninstall and then I was unable to install it again:(

Hi Martin, thanks for this report. If you restart your machine and attempt to reinstall ROLI Studio Player, does the installation succeed or are you still presented with the same error?

Also, please ensure you're running the latest version of ROLI Connect, v1.0.6, which is required to run the latest version of ROLI Studio Player.

Mr. Martin Vlček is right. I made a few updates to Native Instruments and Arturia, and now there is no longer the Role Connect in Win 64-bit . Very frustrating! With restart, with shutdown, no success! Roli connect is launching as an application (noticeable with task manager), but no interface Role connect!

On my laptop I did not update my Native Instruments or Arturia. Laptop Roli Connect works. So there is a certain mismatch with something, it remains to be determined with what ?!

Hi, thank you fr your reply, yes, I run Rolli connect v1.0.6 and it works with updating Dashboard etc., but with RSP it doesnt allow me to install it. I tried restarting, reisntalling several times and it didnt work.

So I started to improvise a bit a maybe made it even worse(?): deleted the ROLI HARDWARE DRIVER from the PC thinking it would be installed again with another installation of the R. Studio Player. It didnt work. Tried to install the Roli connect on another PC and copied the Roli Hardware driver to my PC and it didnt work again.  I have isnatleld again Dashboard thinking there would be the Roli HARDWARE DRIVER too, but wasnt. It still says UNABLE TO START ROLI HARDWARE driver.

It´s crazy, the RSP worked few weeks ago and it was tremendous, love that software! But then I had some issues, tried to unistall it and install several times and was unsuccesfull:(

Perhaps if there were an alternative way to install ROLI HARDWARE DRIVER, it might help?


I have exactly the same issue as Martin Vlcek above.

I AM running ROLI Connect v1.0.6 and I HAVE rebooted.

I still get the "unable to start ROLI hardware driver" message.

PS. Roli Studio Player Beta did work previously.

I own a ROLI Seaboard Block and am running Win10 Pro 64-bit.

I hope that this can be fixed soon.

Thank you.

Hi all, thanks for raising this issue - we're currently investigating the cause of this issue and would love to know any further information you have. Please feel free to open a new support ticket, which will allow us to communicate more directly with each of you to establish a cause and a resolution for the issue.

We don't believe any third party software should interfere with ROLI Connect, but we're keen to learn as much as we can about these issues. Thanks!

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