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Make user settings in standalone session available in plugin session

I was playing around with the app in a stand alone session when I created a cool sounding auto chord/ strum/ effects setting that gave me an idea for a song! Excitedly, I launched Logic to record the idea. But when I opened the plugin, my settings from the stand alone session were not there. The good news is that reopening the stand alone session revealed my settings. But I was not able to duplicated them within the Logic session. It would be nice to record the ideas when they come!

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Hey Alan, thanks for the feedback! 

I've had this experience myself and it's not fun trying to copy all the settings to the plugin, sometimes I've also resorted to using Soundflower to route audio from the standalone to a DAW -

This is a good idea for a feature though, I'll raise it with the rest of the team.

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Thanks for the Soundflower tip! -a

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