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Using Computer Keyboard to audition sounds

When I don’t have my blocks handy, I’d like to audition sounds using the computer keyboard.

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Thanks Jahz - due to some 5D (MPE) presets requiring the use of pressure to achieve their sound, this would mean that any notes triggered from the computer keyboard would have a static pressure value. I'll suggest this to the team, though, to see if it's possible.

Aren’t we used to audition sounds with static values for Strike, Press, Glide, Slide, and Lift? Dunno about you but patchsurfing using “musical typing” in a DAW isn’t very uncommon.

Maybe there’s a way to keep some MPE-savvy patterns to enhance the patchsurfing, actually. Or more of a demo. The standalone NOISE app has something like this. Even something as simple as auditioning a monophonic patch while trying to play chords can rapidly make the patchsurfing experience rather annoying.

Absolutely, we'll look into ways to audition and play sounds from the keyboard to make it as easy as possible to choose the sound you need, whilst ensuring that the true character of the sound is maintained.

It's a bit tedious browsing it right now. 
Equator supports this... 

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