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Arpeggiator feature requests

First of all, the triple arpeggiator is fantastic. 

The following would be nice:

Separate ON/OFF toggles for each of the three layers

Different colors for the three layers

Relative level settings for each of the three (as well as overall volume)

Clicking the pattern would show the entire list of options

Clock reset option (so arp would restart from the first position after all notes released)

Octave offset range per layer (so some layers could play at higher or lower ranges)

Maybe too complicated:

Mapping of slide and pressure to parameters

Manual setting of hit placements

Euclidean hit distribution


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Great to hear you're enjoying the arpeggiator! I'll share those points you've raised with the team to see how we can improve the arpeggiation experience.

Hope you've tried using it in combination with the Smart Chords - if not, give it a go!

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I used it with the Smart Chords. Would be nice to have the option to show note names on the Smart Chords.

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In addition to the above of 'velocipede' we would also like to see more arp patterns and make them editable, like what we find in MS3 of LP10, would be an excellent way to continue the stride of pace that the Beta version is already showing.  

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I agree with Stephen G that it would be cool to have an editable arp pattern sequencer, perhaps opened with a button. 

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The 3 layers of the arpeggiator are a great idea. It would be cool to be able to assign different overall velocities to each one of these layers. An added velocity fader would do.

Would love to be able to play some of the arpeggiated notes as chords. And then being able to alternate some single notes and chords. Logic's arpeggiator and many others have this feature.

 Would love to have a Velocity fader to control the overall velocities of each one of the arpeggiator's layers.

Thanks Juan!

1) I'm in l.u.r.v.e 

2) I agree with the previous posters. 

My addition, and this is likely a Logic Pro X issue, but I would like if the notation in Logic Pro X showed the arpeggiated notation.

Thanks Jerome! This requires MIDI Out support which is currently only possible with VST. We're looking into how this could be made possible in a future update.

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