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Question about eventual pricing

I understand this could be really game-changing for those of us who use Ableton Live or don't have high-end workstations, so well done having this idea, although it should have been like that since the beginning (for the money we spent)! Now, as a Rise49 owner I was given a license for Equator and one for Strobe 2. I bought a license for Cypher 2 too, so the question is: will I be asked to pay for Roli Studio when it's released or Roli considers this as an improvement over the user experience and will give it free to those who own all those licenses like me?

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Hi Gerardo,

ROLI Studio Player will be free for ROLI hardware owners - you'll also still have access to the full versions of Equator, Strobe2 and Cypher2 if you already own a licence.

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Mmm. I just bought a Seaboard 49 (in the last 60 days) and right after bought Cypher2. And now Cypher2 is being given away for free to Seaboard owners, which I just bought. Will customers in my situation be catered for?

More specifically, on pricing and business models…

It sounds like the concept is that you’ll send soundpacks for these three engines (and possibly new ones). Will this replace the mechanism through which soundpacks for former DCAM (Strobe2/Cypher2) will be sold? I’m guessing we’ll get to keep the soundpacks we bought through FXpansion. Will you have a way to integrate all of this? (My ROLI account still offers me a Cypher2 buying option even though I bought the softsynth a while back.) Will you eventually allow us to integrate our own patches? Distribute them? Sell them?

Hi Fraser, the Cypher2 engine in ROLI Studio Player is equivalent to the current Cypher2 Player - macro control is available for the sounds, but the full version of Cypher2 is required to make edits to the presets themselves. The full version of Cypher2 is available at a discount to ROLI hardware owners.

Whilst I'm not aware of any current promotions offering the full version of Cypher2 for free to Seaboard RISE owners, please feel free to reach out to our support team if you're unsure.

Thanks for the clarification Lawrence

Will it be available for sale for non Seaboard owners? What will be its price? Can we buy sound banks?

Will it be available for sale for non Seaboard owners? What will be its price? Can we buy sound banks?

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