When launching ROLI Dashboard, if your Seaboard RISE 2's firmware is out of date ROLI Dashboard will let you know and ask you to update the firmware. If you'd like to be sure your firmware is up to date, simply click on "Updates." ROLI Dashboard will check for firmware updates and will either update your RISE's firmware or let you know that its firmware is up-to-date.


If your RISE 2's firmware doesn't update automatically, you may simply follow these instructions to reset your RISE 2's firmware.

How to reset the Seaboard RISE 2's firmware

These steps are for Seaboard RISE 2 ONLY. Do not attempt this method with the Seaboard RISE 25 or 49.

  1. Download the latest firmware version attached below.
    1. For macOS Catalina or Big Sur users, you must download the file to this folder: Users/Shared due to permission changes in this OS update.
  2. Ensure that you are running the latest version of ROLI Dashboard, and if needed download the latest version from ROLI Connect.
  3. Connect your Seaboard RISE 2 by USB to your computer and switch it on.
  4. Open ROLI Dashboard from your applications folder, and make sure that all other MIDI applications (e.g., Cubase, Bitwig, Logic, Equator, etc.) are closed.
  5. Navigate to the file downloaded in step one and simply drag and drop it onto ROLI Dashboard's visualizer.
  6. The RISE 2 will take about 30 seconds to update. When it is finished it will restart, which may take another 30 seconds. Make sure not to touch the RISE 2 until it has fully completed restarting. It may appear to have turned off, but it should restart after several seconds.
  7. Close ROLI Dashboard, and switch the RISE 2 off and then on again.

If your ROLI Dashboard screen appears differently, you can make sure ROLI Dashboard is up-to-date by downloading the most recent version from ROLI Connect and then following the instructions above to update the firmware.