If you need to cancel your Seaboard RISE 2 or LUMI Keys order, you can do so directly from your order confirmation.

If you are cancelling your Seaboard RISE 2 order, please note that you will lose access to Equator2 and ROLI Studio. 

If you want to cancel your LUMI Complete subscription, please see How to cancel your LUMI Complete subscription.

How to cancel your order

Step 1: Open your confirmation email

If you cannot find your confirmation email, try searching "Thank you for your order" or "Thanks for your purchase", and also check your junk/spam folder.

Step 2: Click 'View your order'

View your order button for playlumi.com orders

View your order button for ROLI.com orders

Step 3: Click 'Cancel'

  • On your order page, under Order actions, click Cancel

Step 4: Confirm cancel

  • To confirm the cancellation, click Proceed

Step 5: Order cancelled

  • Your order cancellation will be confirmed.

If you need any further assistance, please get in touch with our Support Team who will be happy to help you!