1. Find your access code

Find your LUMI Complete Access code in an email with the subject:


"Your LUMI Complete access code - and how to get started"

Please check both your inbox and your junk/spam folders. If you have checked all email folders and did not receive the email, please contact the Support team who will be happy to help.

2. Go to playlumi.com/start 

Create a LUMI account, or sign in with your ROLI account.

3. Register your LUMI Keys

Click Register and enter your LUMI's serial number.

Click Register again to add your LUMI to your account. 

Now click Return to My Account.

4. Click Activate subscription

Enter your access code on the next page and click Apply. 

Click Continue and enter your card details on the next page to complete the purchase and start the subscription.

Your details are required to start the subscription and your subscription will be auto-renewed after one year.

If you have a LUMI Access Code, you will not be charged for the first year (as shown above.)

If you have a $/£/€50 voucher, this will be discounted from the first year.

To cancel your subscription, log into your account and click Update Subscription then Cancel Plan. Your subscription will not be auto-renewed but you will keep access to LUMI Complete until the current period has expired.

5. Go to the Home page

Make a note of your subscription end date.

If you don't see your subscription in your account, try refreshing the page.

6. Download LUMI Music

You can now download LUMI Music, log in and start having fun learning with your LUMI Complete membership!