We hope you are all doing well during these unprecedented times. We are all working hard to keep everything moving, but with a variety of disruptions across the board, we’ve had to make some adjustments for the time being. Thanks so much for your patience and understanding as we work through the weeks ahead, and we’ll keep you posted.

ROLI Support: Our Support team is here to help. With a lot of enquiries in recent weeks, it’s taking longer than usual to respond — up to 14 days at the moment. But, every question will be answered. 

ROLI product availability: We’re out of stock on several hardware products on ROLI.com. But we’re working to resolve this, and we’ll be back in stock as soon as possible. In the meantime, please check out our retailers to see if they’re carrying the product you’re interested in.

Repairs: We’re also taking longer than usual to complete repairs. All of these are done by hand at our headquarters workshop, and our team isn’t regularly on site due to lockdown guidelines here in the UK. When you request a repair, the Support team will be in touch about wait times.

To our customers, suppliers, and East London neighbours: we hope you stay safe, keep busy, and find some time to get creative. Throughout this period, you can reach us on any of the usual channels: Support tickets, emails to staff, and comments on Facebook or Instagram.