To start making music with your BLOCKS with your computer, first download and install ROLI Dashboard and Equator from My ROLI

1. Register your BLOCKS

  • Visit and create an account with a username and password of your choice.
  • Once you have logged in, click "Register a product." 
  • Next, choose "BLOCKS" as the product family. 
  • If you're registering a Kit (like a Songmaker Kit or Beatmaker Kit), enter the Kit serial number included with the Kit. This will register all Blocks in the Kit.
  • If you're registering individual Blocks, you may register them one at a time using the hardware serial numbers, located on the bottom of the Block and printed on the card included with the Block. 
  • This will authorize your BLOCKS and allow you to access ROLI Dashboard and Equator. ROLI Dashboard and Equator have four authorizations, so you may use them on up to 4 computers. 
  • Individual Blocks include Equator Player, while Kits include the full version of Equator.

2. Download Equator and ROLI Dashboard 

After registering your Seaboard, you will see the main page of My ROLI showing your registered products and the software available for download. 

  • Scroll down to "ROLI Equator" and then click on the appropriate link for your operating system. This will download Equator, the custom software synthesizer designed for the Seaboard and BLOCKS' five dimensions of touch.
  • Now under "ROLI Dashboard" click the link for your operating system. This will download ROLI Dashboard, which will allow you to set up your BLOCKS with Equator or other synthesizers.
  • Finally, beneath your BLOCKS' registration you will see "Equator Extended Blocks Library." Click the link for your operating system. This will download additional playlists and presets for Equator.

3. Install the software

  • Once you have downloaded Equator, ROLI Dashboard, and the Equator Extended Library, you can begin the installation by double-clicking each installer in your downloads folder. The installer window will open automatically.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to install each application. Click here if you have any difficulty opening an installer.
  • You can close each installer when it tells you that the installation is complete. Once you've successfully finished the installation, your new software applications, Equator and ROLI Dashboard, will be found in your applications/programs folder.

4. Make Music Now

  • Connect your BLOCKS via USB or MIDI-over-Bluetooth (MacOS only).
  • Open Equator from your applications/programs folder. The first time you do this you will need to enter the account username and password you created when signing up to My ROLI – this is the password you chose, not the registration code or hardware serial number. You will only need to do this once on each new computer.
  • For more on using Equator with BLOCKS click here.
  • For more details on using ROLI Dashboard click here, and for guides on setting up with many popular synths and DAWs see this page, or simply search for the name of the particular instrument in the search box on this page.