When you purchase Equator or the Equator upgrade from roli.com you should receive an email with a code and instructions on using it to activate your license.

I can't find the email

Check your spam –  the email might have been filtered into your spam folder.

Send your order details to the support team – if the email hasn't arrived (even in spam) after a couple of hours, there might have been a typo in your email address when you placed the order. We'll track it down for you!

My code isn't accepted by my.roli.com

Do you own a Seaboard RISE or GRAND? – the RISE and GRAND are provided with the full version of Equator so you do not need to buy Equator or the upgrade. Contact the support team to arrange a refund if you have purchased it by mistake.

Do you own any Blocks? – you must own a copy of Equator Player (provided with Lightpad and Seaboard Blocks) in order to apply the upgrade. The upgrade will not function alone.

Check that you are using the right account – if upgrading, make sure that you have logged into the same account that you registered your Blocks to.

The upgrade code hasn't made a difference

Equator Player
Full Equator

You can switch between the Player and Full views of Equator using the toggle to the right of the preset title. 

Restart Equator – Equator checks your account when it starts up. Restarting Equator will give it a chance to see your upgraded license.

Log out and in again – from the menu in the top right of Equator, click "Log out." Restart Equator and log back in. Make sure that you log in using the same account that your Blocks and Equator upgrade were registered to.