To download BFD3, first log into the FXpansion website.

Scroll down and under BFD3 click the link to 'View all available downloads'. 

The Mac and Windows installers for the latest version are the first links. Please download the version for your platform, and launch it to complete installation of BFD3.

Displaying FXsolutions_downloads.gif

Once this is complete, please head to the bottom of the BFD3 downloads page where you can download the ‘Download Ticket For BFD3 Core Library Audio Data’ file for the BFD3 Core Library installer download. 

Opening this ticket will begin the full download of the BFD3 Core Library installer in License Manager, the progress of which you can track in the Downloads tab.

Displaying FXsolutions_clprogress.png

Once the download has completed, a Play icon will appear in the top right corner. Press this to run the BFD3 Core Library installer to complete the installation of the BFD3 Core Library content, which will be detected automatically next time you run BFD3.

Displaying FXsolutions_play.png