At the top of the screen in Seaboard 5D, you'll see the following 5 faders, which control the app's response to the 5 dimensions of touch.

NOISE 5D touch controls

Strike, Press and Lift can only be used on a device which provides pressure data (like the iPhone 6S or newer) because they are pressure-sensitive dimensions.

If your device's screen is not pressure-sensitive, these dimensions will fade out to indicate that they can't be used.

NOISE 5D controllers faded out

I have an iPhone 6S or newer

The iPhone 6S and newer devices have pressure sensitive screens. If the controls for Strike, Press and Lift are faded out, it just means that your phone's 3D Touch feature is disabled.

To switch it on:

  1. Launch Settings on your iPhone.
  2. Navigate to the General → Accessibility ➝ 3D Touch section.
  3. Toggle the 3D Touch switch to enable the feature.