SynthMaster is a semi-modular software synthesizer and effect plug-in developed by KV331 Audio. SynthMaster supports MPE, so it's easy to use with instruments like the Seaboard RISE and GRAND.

You can begin by setting ROLI Dashboard to the following settings:

ROLI Dashboard – SynthMaster settings

We have selected:

  • Use MPE: On
  • MIDI Start Channel: 2
  • MIDI End Channel: 10

What about Glide & Slide tracking, and Press tracking? Those settings aren’t important for setting up the Seaboard with SynthMaster.

Setting Glide

SynthMaster has a maximum pitch bend range of 48 semitones, which is conveniently the range that the Seaboard and ROLI Dashboard default to.

SynthMaster – Settings – Pitch Bend Range

  1. Go to Settings on the right-hand panel
  2. Navigate down to 'Pitch Bend Range'
  3. Click to set the global pitch bend range value to 48.

Setting Press

  1. In SynthMaster's GUI, right-click (Win)/Ctrl-click (Mac) on the knob corresponding to the desired target parameter, e.g. Filter 1 Cutoff – see graphic below.
  2. In the resulting drop-down menu, go to the last 'Modulation Source' setting and select 'Aftertouch' from the 'MIDI' drop-down menu.
  3. Click on the 'Matrix' tab on the top of the right-hand panel, then click on the Cutoff knob again – a list of all modulation sources affecting Cutoff will appear in the Matrix
  4. Navigate to the final modulation parameter – which you have set previously and now lists 'Aftertouch' as the 'source'.
  5. Click and drag to adjust Press's response curve and modulation range and give it a go!

SynthMaster – Setting Press

Setting Slide

Slide corresponds to MIDI CC74, which is included as a modulation source in SynthMaster's menu (Brightness).

You have 2 options for assigning Slide in SynthMaster:

  1. You can follow the same procedure as with Press (see above) to assign CC74 to any synth parameter; or
  2. You can select the option 'Map CC74 to CC1' from the 'Settings' menu on the right-hand panel *

SynthMaster – Settings – Map CC74 to CC1

* MIDI CC1 messages correspond to Modwheel control. SynthMaster supports MPE by converting CC74 to CC1 so we can take advantage of Modwheel modulation already assigned in SynthMaster's presets.