Symbolic Sound's Kyma is a powerful hardware/software sound design environment. Kyma 7 includes plug-and-play compatibility with MPE instruments like the Seaboard RISE and GRAND, so setting it up to respond to the Seaboard's dimensions of touch is extremely easy.

First, connect the Seaboard RISE or GRAND to the Pacarana via a USB cable and turn on the Seaboard.

ROLI Dashboard Settings

Next, ensure that the MIDI Settings in ROLI Dashboard are set as shown below.

We have selected:

  • MIDI Mode: MPE
  • MPE Zone: Lower
  • No. MIDI Channels: 15
  • Pitch Bend Range: 48

What about Glide & Slide tracking, and Press tracking? These settings aren’t important for setting up the Seaboard with Kyma.

Setting Kyma to respond to the Seaboard’s dimensions of touch

Kyma is able to receive and respond to all of the Seaboard’s dimensions of touch.

  • Open Kyma's DSP Status window and select the Seaboard as the MIDI input device.
  • Next, choose Rescan from the DSP Status window's drop-down menu.
  • Finally, go to  DSP > Configure MIDI and ensure that "Continuum and MPE Compatible" are turned on.

Kyma will now respond to the Seaboard's dimensions of touch. Note that "KeyTimbre" represents Slide, while "KeyPitch" refers to Glide.