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RSP 1.2.0 /1.2.1 I can't find my user presets?

Since the upgrade to RSP v.1.2.0 I can't seem to find any of my user presets for Equator, Strobe 2 and Cypher 2 in Studio Player Upgrade to 1.2.1 didn't solve.

I haven't played with ROLI Studio for some time, so  there may have been a change in some version in-between, but there used to be a row with two buttons in the filter section, labelled "Soundpacks" and "User". This row seems to be now replaced by buttons labeled "Standard" and "MPE" in the new version of RSP (see attached png).

At first glance I was hoping that you just did away with the strict separation of User vs Factory presets, which I'd appreciate, but none of my presets are found in the browser list :(.

All the user presets are still found by the full versions of Equator/Strobe/Cypher and haven't changed location on my hard drive.

Win10 1909 64bit

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Hi Frank, thanks for this feedback.

We made the decision to surface the Standard and MPE buttons in the side browser for this update, given that ROLI Studio Player is now available to those without an MPE controller.

If you reveal the full browser, you'll see the option to filter User presets specifically, which should reveal all user presets for Equator, Strobe2 and Cypher2 on your system.

We'll take your feedback on board however, as I appreciate how handy it can be to have more direct access to such filtering.

Thanks Lawrence. This has got to be an international record for the longest delay for a forum post to appear, I submitted this a whopping 2 weeks ago!

Of course I tried the full RSP browser before reporting my issue. And no, I can't find an option to filter User presets, would you be so kind and point me to it with a picture?

I am also missing Equator factory presets that were designed and tagged for Rise or Grand, btw.

I attached a picture of my browser results in Equator and in RSP next to each other.

In Equator I start with "Viscosify" and the results don't even all fit on the page. I marked user presets red and Rise/Grand presets blue.

In RSP I filtered for Equator sounds (no other filter set) and I get a mere 10 results from "Viscosify" onwards.

I can't see any of my user presets (because I couldn't find the filter option "User Presets"), but also the presets tagged with "R" and "G", for example "Vocalight Motion", "Wave Glide Pad (1 and 2)",  etc don't show up in RSP.

Ok, I saw a new ROLI video (promoting the sound shop), where I spotted a user preset button in RSP's full browser, but mine doesn't look like that.

There's some other differences, too, which I marked in the attached image. Enough of them to assume that a different version of RSP is used in the video? I am using the latest official version v.1.2.1. under Win 10 OS.

Hi Frank, thanks for following up, and apologies again for the delay and for the inconvenience this has caused.

It's likely that all of the preset issues you're currently experiencing are related and due to some issues with RSP fetching the correct entitlements from your account, as we're looking into similar issues here that other users have reported and that we've reproduced.

We'll let you know as soon as we've determined a resolution for this issue, be it through some instructions for you to follow or via a software update. Thank you for all the information you've shared so far, which I'll pass on to the rest of the team and will help with our investigation.

Hi Frank,

Could you please click the small ROLI logo in the top-left corner of the RSP window, and click underneath the version number to copy the build number to your clipboard, and paste it here? It would be great to verify that despite what Connect is reporting, that you're definitely running the latest version. 

As highlighted in your screenshot, there were a number of UI changes made since the version that appeared in the marketing video, but ultimately we would expect the User filters (as well as Soundpacks and Factory) to be appearing in this version - the fact that none of these are appearing is unusual and something we're continuing to investigate.

Sure can do :) That's

ROLI Studio Player Version 1.2.1, Build 20200409102351-327b88a95b

Hope it helps

Thanks Frank, that's definitely the latest version - we'll let you know as soon as we've got to the bottom of the issue. Thanks for your patience and understanding, and as always for your detailed and helpful feedback.

Having the same issue here.. I purchased some soundpacks from the new Roli Store and no matter what I do they wont show up in Studio Player or Cypher . I'm running the latest versions of both and just as with the user above I don't have these buttons for soundpacks/arrows, etc.. 

Also, I made sure to ask again on your official channel and to support if these presets would be available in Cypher and it seems they are not.. yet I was told they would be.   

I'm the most recent comment there as of this writing under "ehdyn".

Guess I'll uninstall and reinstall everything again and hope for the best!

I have exactly the same problem with my own presets.

Hi all,

We recently pushed a small update to ROLI accounts that should fix this issue, which was caused by incorrect entitlement handling for Equator upgrade licenses as opposed to full licenses.

Please follow the steps below which should rectify the issue:

  1. Quit ROLI Studio Player
  2. Sign out of ROLI Connect
  3. Sign back in to ROLI Connect with the same account
  4. Launch ROLI Studio Player

This should then reveal your User presets in the main browser.

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Thanks Lawrence :)

My Equator user presets are now listed in RSP again, that's cool!

What's still missing from Equator is the sounds I downloaded from the Rise and Grand Libraries. But most of them are doubles to Blocks Equator Library anyway. I can live with that (although I don't understand why it has to be like this).

On the other hand I also found presets in RSP which are not in Equator. For example  Amethyst Cave Pad and Amethyst Pulsations, probably not the only ones.

Cypher and Strobe in RSP both only list a fraction of the Factory Library, quite a lot missing.

None of the user presets for both are listed in RSP and the Cypher soundpacks I purchased from FXPansion (Dimension Arts, Vivid Sequences and Textured Waves) are not coming up in RSP. I don't have any soundpacks purchased for Strobe, but would assume they wouldn't come up either.

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