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Roli Studio Player Presets

The ability to save a master preset with Sound, Arp, Effects and and Smart chord settings.

I just created a really amazing sound and I can't save it!

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this is an incredible tool.   only need to be able to save a preset or configuration in roli player..    I agree with everyone.  please add this necessary and major feature

agree with Jan - I play live and need to save things....

Is this feature yet to come?

Yeah, I'm really not understanding the point of this program...  It does lots of cool stuff... But if I can't easily store presets, or make playlists of presets, I can't see how this is really useful.  

In a live setting, we obviously want to be able to switch between presets easily no matter what ROLI device we're using.   I can't stop in the middle of a performance to recreate a cool patch or preset I made a week before... 

Am I missing something?

Same here too!

If they can also implement the Studio Drums into RSPlayer

AND purchased Roli Noise iOS sound packs!

The same here.

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