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loop block roli studio player 0.31

loopback don't work in standalone, only with logic pro mode inside the daw but doesn't allow to change presets or volume for example in RSP.

quite strange i cannot access the songmaker kit mode anymore, only the modes displayed on dashboard...

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Hi Jacques, if you wish to retain the Songmaker Kit functionality, you'll need to disable Hardware Control in RSP by clicking the power icon next to "Hardware Control" at the top of the RSP window.

Currently, enabling Hardware Control in RSP will disable any current functionality of your connected devices. We're looking into ways to separate and customise this behaviour, to allow only certain devices to be connected, but for the time being all connected devices will be directly integrated with RSP if the Hardware Control is enabled.

The Loop Block is not currently supported in ROLI Studio Player - support for Live Block and Lightpad Block is currently available, and we'll be looking to expand support for other devices in future updates.

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