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rsp 0.3.0

Hello, on my songmaker kit the loop block doesn't work in rap standalone, impossible to change presets or volume for example, in a daw (logic) the loop block interacts with logic but not within the plugin. Also i don't see a way to load user presets ??

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Hi Jacques - we're yet to implement Loop Blook functionality into ROLI Studio Player. Hardware integration support is currently available for Lightpad Block and Live Block - please take a look at the following post which explains the integration in more detail -

Regarding user presets, ROLI Studio Player will display any user presets that have been created and saved to the default location of Equator, Strobe2 or Cypher2 - please ensure any presets you've created exist in these locations. The introduction of user preset support is the first part of a process of introducing more content into ROLI Studio Player, which we'll be expanding on in future updates.

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