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Modulation being adjusted when moving a parameter

Is there a way to stop the amount of modulation being applied being altered when you move a parameter?

Example - Load Init preset, turn filter cutoff all the way down, add LFO1 modulation to cutoff and turn it all the all the way up. As you then open the cutoff the amount of modulation gets reduced. If you then turn the cutoff all the way down again the modulation is reduced to the amount you opened the cutoff. How can you stop this? The modulation amount should to stay the same regardless of the cutoff position.



Hi Simon,

We're currently working on an update that will address the modulation depth issue, which we hope to release in the near future.

ROLI or Fxpansion........ can someone please update us on this, this issue is raised in pretty much every forum I can find on cypher and there’s no update from ROLI or fxpansion. I bought Cypher2 (and Strobe) because I trusted Fxpansion. Bugs happen, that’s fare enough but at least keep us up to date on what is happening with this bug. Both cypher2 and strobe are expensive basic synths without the modulation which cannot be used as it currently works. Please provide an update on this issue.


Exactly. And if you move the knob through the full range, every modulation is wiped from it. 

This is actually THE most urgent thing to fix on Cypher2.

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