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Studio Player Beta still unusable in Windows 10

 Even with the new update the Studio Player is a mess of bugs. Both as Standalone and in Cubase when it is loaded it freezes as soon any of the slider controls are touched. I am suing Rise and the Studio Player is unusable like this.

Also in the audio and midi settings it keeps jumping to the windows midi instead of my own ASIO (RME FIreface) and will not remember the new setting. It will not work on either the Windows or RME Fireface ASIO, either in Cubase ort Standalone.

Can I ask are the guys who are building this software actually checking it with Windows? It is a big mess. It is worse than the last version. At least the sliders worked on that until it stopped for some weird reason and then could not be reinstalled.

Lol, what you guys up to there? I think you need to brush up on your code before trying to sort this software out.


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Hi Michael, thanks for these reports. We've just released a hotfix update, v0.3.1, which addresses the issue you describe with your Seaboard RISE and should allow the XY and macro faders to be modulated successfully.

Could you please attach a .gif/video of the Audio/MIDI Settings issue you're seeing? This is not something we've encountered previously, so are keen to investigate further.

As ROLI Studio Player is still available as a beta, we're keen to learn about and resolve any issues, so we appreciate these prompt reports.

If you encounter any other issues with v0.3.1, please don't hesitate to let us know.

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