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Macro section X/Y pad labeling is not consistent in some patches

In most patches the X-parameter is labeled horizontally and the Y-parameter vertically, which is intuitive.

But I noticed that in some patches, eg Equator "Ice Keys",  "Oceanic Harp",  Rosewood Clarinophon" it's obviously labeled the other way (X vertically and Y horizontally).

In other patches I don't think the labels are correct in the first place, eg for "Mountain Peek Reed", it says that X would be "Noise", when it's  apparently "Tremolo Speed".

Also, the parameter labels (of all X/Y pads in RSP's UI) are not fitting to the rest of the UI in terms of brightness.

When they are active, their labels have the same brightness as labels in other sections when they are inactive. In consequence, the X/Y pads look kinda inactive if it weren't for the coloured position dot and they are hard to read. It would be much easier readable with labels as bright as labels of other active sections.

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