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Adjustable pitch bend range

I recently started using my Roli Seaboard Rise 49 more with the Seabord 5D app on my iPad, and I found it really nice to not be fiddling with sound setting and just play the Seaboard. I love the concept of a player that gives Roli users a wide range of pre-made sounds that can be used quickly and easily. 

But I have a small request. I would like to be able to set the pitch bend range.  I also use the seaboard extensively with Spitfire's Phobos, and it works best at a 64 note pitch end range. And I'd really like to not need to switch pith bend ranges when moving between these two instruments. To allow more MPE devices ease of use, I'd love to see an option to set the pitch bend range so this can be used with a variety of set-ups.

While I am at it, I'd also love to see the macro controls (the three sliders that correspond to the Seaboard's three slider) be configurable. I tend to leave my first slider mapped to Midi CC1 so I can use it like a modwheel, but it doesn't work in the Studio player if I can't remap the fader in the Studio player to listen ti Midi CC 1.

Thanks for the detailed feedback Robert. Whilst we're looking into improving the functionality of regular pitch bend for non-MPE MIDI controllers in the next update, I'll pass this on to the team. Dedicated controls in ROLI Studio Player would help to improve this workflow, but does adjusting the pitch bend range in Dashboard allow you to achieve the desired behaviour?

Hello Lawrence. Actually, my request was not for use with regular Pitch bend midi controllers. I was hoping for this feature for use with my Roli Seabord.

The reason I would like adjustible pitch bend ranges in Roli Studio player is not to make it 2-2, but more like 64-64. Since I use other plug-ins with my Seabord than just the Studio player, it's useful to be able to set all the plug ins to a single unified pitch bend range, and leave the seabord it's self in MPE mode and a fixed pitch bend range ( Ideally 64 up and down). 

I CAN switch the bend range in Roli Dash board. So there is a work around. The problem is if I am working in my DAW and I go from one plug in to the next, I also need to stop by the Dash board and change the bend range to match the plug-in. It's easier to set the dashboard once and adjust the plug-ins behavior to match the others. This is purely for convince.

Thanks for the clarification, Robert - I can certainly see how this would improve your workflow, especially avoiding having to launch Dashboard to change the pitch bend ranges.

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