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Unable to start ROLI hardware driver

 I've been trying to install Roli Studio Player with ROLI Connect 1.0.6 adnd I get the same message over and over again "Unable to start ROLI hardware driver", I had the previous version of Roli Connect and Roli Studio Player working, now I can't install it and its getting me really bummed (not to say pissed off).

I have Windows 10 64 GB home edition, Intel Core i7 2.90 Ghz, 16 GB RAM, I have a ROLI Seaboard RISE 25...what else do you need???


Luis EFC

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Hey Luis, thanks for the report, and sorry to hear this has affected your ability to use the latest ROLI Studio Player beta update.

If you uninstall ROLI Studio Player from Connect, restart your machine and then attempt to download and install ROLI Studio Player again, does this allow you to launch ROLI Studio Player successfully?

Had you attempted to change or uninstall ROLI Connect when a previous version was installed?

Hi Lawrence,

yes, I have unisntalled both (Player and Connect) 2 times, and still getting the same message : "Unable to start ROLI hardware driver", that happened after the last ROLI Player update.

Equator and Dashboard are working properly though

Hope this problem can be solved soon, at least before Trump build the wall :D There are not many ROLI users here in Mexico  and want to change that


I receive the same message, "Unable to start ROLI Hardware Driver", when attempting to download ROLI Studio Player via ROLI Connect versions 1.0.5  and 1.0.6 in Windows 10 64-bit v.1903.

A solution to this issue would be greatly appreciated.



Thanks Gavin, this is an issue we're currently investigating that we aim to have a resolution for as soon as possible. We're sorry for any inconvenience this is currently causing.

Same problem here. I have uninstalled roli studio player and now am unable to install it. Any workarounds?

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