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download studio player for pc

 How can one download studio player for pc ?

Hi Pat, so long as you've got some ROLI hardware registered to your account, you can download, install and log in to ROLI Connect, and then install ROLI Studio Player Beta from the Apps menu.

You can download ROLI Connect for Windows here: ROLI Connect v1.0.6

Thanks Lawrence. :-)

Hi I downloaded the Roli connect like you said and there is no Roli studio player beta on the apps menu. Also This stuff is super hard to put together. It would be cool if you guys made better tutorials on how to even use the software Rolis products come with

Hi Zachery, thanks for the feedback - we'll take a look at your account to ensure you have access to ROLI Studio Player Beta. In the meantime, please don't hesitate to create a new ticket to contact our support team for any specific inquiries you have.

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