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Will we have to pay again if we’ve already paid for equator?

Just purchased a set of blocks (loop block, seaboard and Lightpad) but didn’t get them as the song maker kit do need to pay to unlock equator. I notice that there is no charge for the studio later as it’s in beta which suggests there may be a cost when it’s ready for release. I’m tempted to buy the full version of equator to unlock all the pre-sets but I’m worried I’ll have to pay again if I want the full version of studio. If this is the case, I’ll probably just wait. Has there been any announcements about this?
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Hey there, whilst ROLI Studio Player is still available as a beta, it is available to all hardware owners. On full release, we intend for this to continue, where registering any playable ROLI hardware devices will allow you to download and use ROLI Studio Player.

If you purchase an Equator licence now, you won't need to pay for it again in the future - ROLI Studio Player will eventually be able to load all Equator presets within its browser, as this is something we're working on introducing in a future update.

Hope that helps!

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