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ROLI Connect wanted to update while I was recording!

That's pretty gross! It's already not cool that Connect has to run for RSP to work in the first place and that I need to be online to test it for you. It's beta and you haven't worked out a better way yet. Ok.

But just now it wanted to update WHILE I was recording. Windows spawned it's "Do you agree" message and the performance was hosed. Thank you very much. I wasn't even using RSP at this point.

Hey Frank, apologies for the late response on this one, and to hear that ROLI Connect has caused such an inconvenience. We're looking into the most effective way to establish authorisation whilst not requiring ROLI Connect to be running, and we appreciate this feedback.

Ha :) Blast from the past! Thanks, Lawrence!

I thought this report didn't make its way through to you, because I got a "502 Bad Gateway" when I submitted. When that error happens - and it happens often to me on this forum - it's hit or miss. I never know if I should try again with another browser or if that will create a double... Sometimes my post got through anyway and appeared after (at times a few days, if its the weekend), other times it seems to have vanished into thin air. There may be some double or even triple posts of mine in your archives because of this. For which I apologize :D

Let's see what happens this time... aaand 

*knocks on wood*

*hits "Post Comment"*

No problem Frank, we tend to catch duplicate posts during moderation so you (hopefully) shouldn't see any on the forum

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