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Playing on keys showing and sounding like ribbon.

When playing on the keys around the middle of them the on hit often shows at the ribbon on screen and sounds as though the notes are on the ribbon. This is when using the seaboard block and smart chords enabled. Can you fix this?

Hi Paul, 

I can see what you mean, I think we're not mapping inputs perfectly accurately to the onscreen keyboard. I don't have any audible problem though, everything sounds fine. A couple of questions..

- Are there particular presets that sound noticeably bad?

- Does it still sound incorrect when you disable chords?



Mine has an audible problem the notes sound as though they are being played on the lower ribbon and this happens without chords enabled as well. This happens with all the presets so far.

Here is a screenshot of the seaboard block with the position being pushed in Roli Dashboard and the position Roli Studio Player picks up.

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