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Mousewheel support within the soundpacks and tags list

 It feels a bit clumsy to use the left/right buttons to scroll the soundpacks and tag list. Scrollbars would help already and should be available anyway, but ideal (on non-touch displays) would be scrolling with the mousewheel I think.

Same will be true for the engines list should you decide to open Studio Player up for more engines.

A side note: I think it's slightly uncomfortable that the "explore" button on the main page and the "play" button on the explore page are on extreme ends of the GUI. Technically it's the same button (namely "Open/close preset browser") and could be at the same spot in both views, methinks.

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Thanks for the report Frank! 

The mousewheel feature is something that's been asked about already, and I think it would be a great addition. I agree with you about the explore/play button, I'd note that the 'SOUNDS' button can also be used to expand/shrink the browser.



Ah, sorry for duplicating, then :)

Do you mean the "Sounds" button should already work now or is it planned? It doesn't seem to do anything on my end. In any case, a good idea, too.


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