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Is Player an instrument or a composition tool

I am really trying to grasp what is the Player trying to be.

An Instrument where I can conveniently use the 3 synths much like Arturias Analog Lab, or a composition tool with some nice sounds.

As a composition tool I find it nice, in Bitwig for ex, I can place it in front of a synth, turn off the sound engines and use it like a midifx which I quite like.
As an instrument for me it fails miserably, I own all 3 synths and I cant even turn of the reverb on a patch I might like but don't necessarily like the effects so much. Or control the effect I want.

My feature request is, enable easy remapping of the 3 engine controls, and the 4 effect controls to synth parameters. But to keep things simple and fast, don't  load the synth as Analog Lab does (its slow and overkill), or add 5 levels deep menu popup, but show just a stylized UI representation of each of the synths params that make sense for easy param remapping.
Full VST load and Player as a host, if someone wants to do sound design, you could add as an option.

My second request is, after the first, add a Modulators section like Arturias Pigments with the easy mapping.

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