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iOS Version of Studio Player is a MUST!

PLEASE develop an iPad/iOS version of the ROLI Studio Player and integrate our soundpack purchases (especially SWAM) from NOISE into a new, updated app. I would HAPPILY pay any amount of money just to have more functionality on my iPad! The future of music making is mobile - it’s more intuitive, immediate, portable, and engaging. I can’t stand using a computer anymore and haven’t owned one for years. What ROLI has created with the modular Blocks system is visionary. Please keep up this innovation-driven approach and focus on allowing us to make music on the mobile devices we use most. They’re powerful enough now to handle it, even Adobe is releasing a full-fledged Photoshop for the iPad soon. I do see ROLI as an Adobe-like ecosystem for music creation. That means all our assets (like soundpacks) should be accessible across the board and I’m starting to see a much-needed integration happen with the Studio Player. Just like you’ve combined Equator, Cypher, and Strobe in one program, PLEASE combine Studio Player, NOISE, and ROLI Dashboard for iOS. I would seriously pay up to $50 for that if not more!
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