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Track preset synchronisation


Will it be possible to sync the track preset and Roli studio plugin ?

That mean when you click on your track you have all the previous sound and set up you were working with before? At least the name of the sound you have been used.

Thank you :D

Hi Frances,

I don't exactly understand what you mean, is it that the same plugin window remains open, and selecting different tracks in the DAW will change the open RSP window?



Hi Jared, 

I'm really sorry not to be clear as I want but as I'm completely new to music I may not use right words and concepts.

I was working on 3 or 4 musics track on garage band using Roli studio plugin. Tow days after as I wanted to add another track with the same sound, chorus, arpeggios setting, I couldn't find exactly the same setting,. I tried to look at the first track as a reference but ROLI Studio didn't show me the settings I have been using .  What I was trying to explain is that it could be great that when you click on one off the track created with Roli Studio plugin you will have all the settings you worked with on the selected track and not the last settings you used. Do it make sens ?



Ah I see, yeah that makes sense :)

The good news is that we already have an upcoming feature where global settings such as scale and key will automatically copy the previous plugin. For the other parameters, your best option is to use the 'Track > New Track With Duplicate Settings' option in Garageband. Other DAWs should offer a similar option!



Thank for your very quick answer.

That's what I did but it's a bit frustrating when you start a new song and want to use the same instrument.

Is there a way to at least the name of the instrument ?



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