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Loss of audio when switching between Roli Studio Player & Cypher2 (Windows v0.1.1)


I'm experiencing an issue where I lose all audio entirely when I have Roli Studio Player up and simultaneously bring up Cypher2, then switch back to Studio Player. I have audio working in studio player, with the audio output going through my headphone port, then I bring up Cypher2 (or Strobe2) and select the audio output to configure audio in Cypher2, which works.

However, when I exit Cypher2 and switch back to Studio Player, my audio output is lost. I select sounds from the bank on the left, and there's no output. Toggling the device type to a device other than the original output device, and then switching back to the output device corrects the issue (along with exiting and re-opening the application), but this seems like an unnecessary step to have to toggle the audio output that was working before switching between software.

Running Win10 with a Dell G7 - 16gb RAM - 6 core i7 CPU

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Hey Chad, I've had a little go and I can get the same issue as you, even when using ASIO4ALL as my audio driver. The issue also seems to be present when switching between 2 FXpansion synths so it might be a deeper issue.

For now the best thing would be to use both plugins within a DAW rather than standalone, then you shouldn't experience this issue.

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