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A couple of things....

First of all, I have Seaboard Block, Lightpad M, and Touch Block.

Requests for features:

1) Scale defining in smart chords (also seconding chromatic chording, perhaps  separate from smart chords or based on chromatic scale ).

2) Can Lightpad M control the XY screen? If so, I'm not able to find the connection, but I just DL'ed Studio Player maybe an hour ago; please forgive me if I just haven't found it yet. If it's not there (yet), I'd like to submit this as a future feature.

Studio Player is very cool. Thanks for this.

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Hey Daniel, thanks for your feedback :)

1, We're considering something a bit like this for a future release, it would be nice to know more specifically what you mean though!

2, There's an open issue where the XY/Faders can't be controlled by hardware, but we're working on a fix for that right now.



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