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Windows Roli Beta Player

 Making great sounds already on the first preset!!

Feature Suggestions:

Real important Need a way to save your own presets, to store all the parameters

you just work very hard on.

I do sound design in surround, sometimes more then 16 plus channels. I can imagine

sending different sounds all over the place. I noticed you had more then just two output choices.

A way to record in real time what you are creating.

More to come

Thank You    Hal

Hi Hal, thanks for trying out RSP and giving your feedback :)

I think for now, since we don't have any of these features in RSP standalone, the best option for you is to use it as a plugin in a DAW which allows for multiple outputs. The DAW will also allow you to save your presets and record in real-time. I suggest REAPER, as it can handle all of this, and works great with MPE!



Greetings Jared:

Thank You for the feedback.

I use ProTools 12 and Neundo as my go to DAW's but will try Reaper.

The sounds menu: I am finding a bit confusing to move around in.

Not clear what sounds belong to what.

Am I right that the preset dry sound you get is all you have to modified.

A lot of the preset sounds are heavy on reverb, One may want a more "dry"

source to work with.

I must say, with the above said, in general the sounds are really good.

Kinda important: When I bring up Roli Connect it is embedded in the lower

left part of one of my monitors. Cannot seem to move it out of that corner.

Cannot access two of the apps because they go off screen. Please advise.

More to come

Thank You   Hal

Yes some of the presets are quite saturated with effects already, in the future we will be allowing custom user presets from Equator/Cypher/Strobe, in that case you would be able to edit a preset to remove the effect.

I've reported your Connect issue to the team, but perhaps could you please send a screenshot if that's ok?

Greetings Jared:

Will send screenshots.

Any feedback on the Sounds menu issue.

Thank You   Hal

Ah yes, for the Sound menu have you opened the 'Explore' tab? This should allow you to filter by engine/instrument/soundpack.

Greetings Jared:

Here is the screenshot.

Bottom right hand corner.

When I click on Strobe2 or Tracktion Waveform the items I need to click on disappear, out of sight

below the menu bar at the bottom.

Cannot seem to move the Roli Connect out of that spot.

Thank You for looking into this.    Hal



I'm excited about Roli Beta Player Windows...but unfortunately I'm on Win7. 

Is there any chance for older Windows support?

Hi Sike, I'm afraid we're not planning on supporting Windows 7 on launch, just Windows 10.

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