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Sliders and XY-pad don't work (windows version)


Just installed and started to play with the Studio Player, windows version. It seems that I can't get the sliders to work. It all works great in Equator, Cypher2 & Strobe2! The Rise25 is in MIDI mode, Roli Dashboard settings MPE, faders L-R: (107,109,111) XY 113-114?!? 

I tested this in the stand alone & as VST in Cubase 10, no sliders or xy ;-)

Something I do wrong?

Oh.., yes.. P.S.,

Would be lovely to have a sort of "E" button (edit) per sound so one can hop directly to the source e.g. Cypher2 to edit their sounds ;-) All from one interface!

Hi Lucian,

Thanks for the report, this is something we're aware of and working on a fix for :)

You're feature idea is a really good one, and we're considering something along these lines!



Hi Lucian, RSP 0.1.2 is now released with a fix for this :)

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