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Rise 49 XY and Sliders not working with Studio Player

I just downloaded the Windows versions of the Studio Player Beta, and though all the notes and expressions seem to translate fine from the keys, the XY pad and the three sliders have no effect on the Player. If I use my mouse to drag the Player sliders or XY cursor on the computer, the sound changes appropriately, but the actual device is not transmitting to it. 

I have the Dashboard open, and I have it set to the default MPE setting. My sliders are in the correct mode. Am I missing something, or is this a bug with the program? 

Thanks for your help! 


Hi Todd,

Cheers for the report. This is an issue we're investigating right now, and we hope to fix in the next release.

Thanks for you're patience, and hopefully it isn't preventing you from using RSP too much :)


Hi Todd, RSP 0.1.2 is now released with a fix for this :)

Thank you!!! 
Just installed the update and it works! 
So excited.  I've been loving it so far, so thanks again! 

Actually, as an update, the standalone works great, it worked right away in Tracktion Waveform 9. But in Studio One 4 Pro, it still doesn't work for some reason. I've tried refreshing it over and over, I've open new instances of it, used new songs, and still nothing. It shows that it's running 0.1.2, so I think it found the updated version. It just isn't working any better than the last version... The rest are great, though! 

Thanks again! 

Hey Todd, I've tried Studio One 4 (not Pro, admittedly) and it performed fine for me.. 

All I had to do was set up the RISE as a basic keyboard and the XY faders/pads work just fine. Are there any other hints you can think of? If not I can always try the Pro version but I can't imagine it's very different.


Thank you! Your picture made me realize that it was because I had my Seaboard set up with Split Channels. 
That fixed it! 
Thanks again! 


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