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Roli Connect forcefully adds itself to Login Items (automatic startup)

Roli connect adds itself to Login items.

After removing and closing Roli connect and re-opening the app it AGAIN

adds itself to login items and therefore starts itself on login.

Users should be able to prevent this type of behaviour.  I not YOU, Roli, decides what starts up on login. Considering this is beta I think you should change that in the final release as some users will definitely not like that. I must say that this is the first time I have seen such behaviour. Usually such apps place themselves in login items upon install/update... never on starting up the app. This is intrusive.

Maybe I made the mistake and it is a user error. If so, please advice how to prevent this behaviour.

Hi Stephan, thanks for sharing this feedback - we're working to improve ROLI Connect so that it is both unintrusive and efficient, and I'll pass this on to the team.

+1 should not force this to be started all the time

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