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Desktop Workflow Basics

In the Roli ecosystem, now becoming more centralized with Studio Player, I truly miss the beatmaking aspect. I love the UX of how hardware and software integrate deeply, but with my lightpad i feel left out compared to how much i can do with Seaboard and Roli software. NOISE on iOS is nice and all, but unfortunately I don't own any device for this. And iPads are nice, but i feel serving more of an on the go use case, or basic songwriting within the boundaries of sample libraries. Sure I can leverage daws and vsts for the beatmaking, but you did such a great job with the songwriting flow, i would love to be able to use Roli exclusively as my go to place for everything vs. fragmented experience i have today (just how the world works). I see so much potential in where things are going and potential of unifying many of the aspects of music making in a good ecosystem. I would even turn the paradigm, please make the desktop version of NOISE with tracks like a regular daw. Please build a DAW. :) Awesome, thanks!

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Thanks for the thoughtful comments Mashi - we'll certainly be looking to expand the functionality and features of ROLI Studio Player in future updates to improve the experience and allow you have a centralised workflow. I'll pass this on to the team!

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