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Not full features with Ableton Live 10

The Beta version of Roli Studio does not fully work and provide full flexible features with Ableton Live 10

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Hi Erik, thanks for reaching out - we'd love to hear how the ROLI Studio Player experience could be improved in Live. Unfortunately, due to the lack of MPE support in Live, it isn't possible to achieve the full expression of the sounds included in ROLI Studio Player, but we're looking at improving support for single-channel MIDI devices in future updates.

Let us know your thoughts, and keep your eyes peeled for more updates in the near future.

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Are you in contact with the Ableton team re. this?

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Silly Ableton! They ignore MPE support like Kodak Film ignored the digital image revolution! I have contacted Ableton about this myself a year ago but of course everything is "secret" and there is still no mention of MPE support in the latest version of Ableton 10.1. Ableton ignore this technology at your own peril. Traction Waveform will take all your business soon..

Mr. Sportive,  Indeed regrettable....

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