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Roli Studio Player


as far as I know, Studio Player only supports Equator Player, Strobe2 Player and Cypher2 Player. Will it (eventually) support the full versions of these products? What about other products (like BFD3)?


Hi Andre, currently ROLI Studio Player incorporates the core engines of Equator, Strobe2 and Cypher2 in their Player forms; that is to say with access to preset loading and macro control, along with the new Arpeggiator, Smart Chords and Audio Effects.

How would you see these full versions being incorporated into ROLI Studio Player? We'd love to hear any further thoughts you have as to how these could be supported.

For the time being, it's possible to launch the full versions of these products alongside ROLI Studio Player, but in future updates we'll also be looking to incorporate any presets that exist on your system for Equator, Strobe2 and Cypher2.

I am one of the poor Windows users who are left out of the beta, so I don't know what's possible right now, but I do read correctly from this that there is no possibility as of now to tweak presets other than using the controller macros that are saved with the patches?

Up to now I thought we'd be able to call the edit GUIs of the involved plugins from within Studio Player, tweak the patch to our hearts content and save that as a new preset, is this not what's planned? Personally, I never use any preset as is, but always want to tweak them to what the current song needs.

Hi Frank, we'll be introducing Windows support for ROLI Studio Player soon. Currently it is possible to tweak the macros of any presets within ROLI Studio Player, as well as assigning arpeggiator, smart chords and audio effects. However, we agree that being able to launch the full version of the corresponding synth to allow for tweaking would be a useful feature, and is something we're looking into the possibility of including within a future update.

Thank you very much for making ROLI Studio Player available for Windows Users too.

The Studio Player makes an already amazing instrument truly outstanding!

I  let my young daughter doodle on my new ROLI Blocks and she said that it seem to make 'only scary sounds'. Now - with the Chord and Arp facilities - the Blocks makes beautiful melodies for her :-)

Also, I was going to suggest a randomize function but I see that you have already added that.

Note: In the email and YouTube webpage announcing ROLI Studio Player, it is not instantly apparent that the Install of ROLI Studio Player is done (for Windows) via the ROLI Connect App.

Also, what do you expect ROLI Studio Player's eventual purchase price to be?  

Hey Robert, glad you're having so much fun :D

Thanks for the heads-up on the email, in terms of purchase price we are currently planning on keeping RSP free for registered hardware owners, and we are considering purchasable  extras such as Soundpacks further down the line.

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Today i installed ROLI Studio Player Beta for window.


Oh my god, I love it. So much.

... and i have only lightpad block for now ...

Thank you ROLI very much!

That's awesome to hear Oldřich, thanks for letting us know. Keep an eye out for more updates coming soon!

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