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Noise packs in equator

Hello there , 

i still can;t figure out why roli just can't make all the noise packs accessible in equator , i've been following this issues 1 year now , and all you say is soon as possible . i have a  roli and i use native instruments products in my laptop because of lack of instruments in equator , the thing is so limited . so please don't make us but packs in noise that is not evan accessible in equator , at least write it there , it is a waste of money  and i hope it will be an update very soon about this equator and noise packs , and i'm a programmer this is not a biiiiiiiiiig issue to solve , 

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Hi Sami, we've introduced a few NOISE packs with this first version of the ROLI Studio Player Beta, and we'll be working to roll out even more NOISE packs and other content in future updates.

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