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Chords on chromatic scale with full control of interval

Currently playing chords on chromatic scale is weird: with 5th selected, in fact a major third interval is played. There is currently no way to play complex "parallel" chord progressions with correct voicing.

It would be perfect to choose a specific chord type for each note in a chromatic scale, for example

- play only 5ths on a chromatic scale (power chords!)

- choose to play minor7 on a root note and major9 on a 5th note of the scale

This might be a dupliacte of "Chromatic note arrangement for scales in Smart Chords" from

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Thanks for the suggestion! This is a little like how the chord generator works in Noise, but  you only have a fixed chord for every note you play. I agree it would be nice to have more customisation but it might be something we look at after the main release, I'll send it on to the team :)

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