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mod and pitch wheels using Roli Studio Player

how do i make the mod and pitch wheels on an old school synth change the sounds. . they work for cypher 2 and equator. i'm using an m-audio keystation 49e and old mac book pro. thx.

Hi Derald, we're aware of an issue where the pitch wheel doesn't effect every note, does this sound like what you're seeing?

For Mod Wheel support, we still need to decide how exactly that would work, for example mapping it to pressure or slide. Is that what you would expect?

Thanks for the feedback :)

hi, thanks for getting back to me. i get no changes on any notes with the pitch wheel or mod wheel. same setup for equator and cypher2 and both pitch and mod changes things on almost all sounds.

yes, i expect the mod wheel to change things like pressure and slide do.

keep up the great work, love my seaboard block.

Cool yeah that's exactly what I'm seeing now, hardware integration will be improved on the next release, some of this will definitely be fixed :)

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